MIT Advances Magnetic Science in Fusion Reactor Technology

GreenTracker| Scientists at MIT have mimicked the magnetic fields of the Earth, unleashing the possibility that a new way of creating a power-producing plant based on nuclear fusion — the process that generates the sun’s prodigious output of energy — is adaptable for human energy supplies.

Fusion has been a cherished goal of physicists and energy researchers for more than 50 years. That’s because it offers the possibility of nearly endless supplies of energy with no carbon emissions and far less radioactive waste than that produced by today’s nuclear plants, which are based on fission, the splitting of atoms (the opposite of fusion, which involves fusing two atoms together).

Developing a fusion reactor has been challenging and remains so. But the MIT experiment moves the concept forward with new information and scientific understanding. Read on Levitating magnet may yield new approach to clean energy via Science Daily.