Miss Michigan Rima Fakih Crowned Miss U.S.A.

Beauty|Body|Culture Pageant officials don’t have sufficient records to confirm that 24-year-old Dearborn beauty Rima Fakih is the first Muslim-American woman to be crowed Miss U.S.A. but anecdotally, she is.

Beauty pageant winners always carry hopes and dreams, and the Cinderella story of how life might really be for humans, if only …

Muslim-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan were cheering last night, and so are we.

Miss Fakih’s interview question concerned whether or not health care insurance should cover birth control. She said ‘yes’, reflecting the fact that Islam generally has more open and female-centric views on contraception than Catholicism and other religions. For more news of America’s new Miss U.S.A. who will compete next in the Miss Universe pageant, read on at Sensuality News.