Millennials Embrace Cutural Creative Values

HopeTracker| TIME writes that differences are emerging between millenials and their parents, and technology may be the facilitator.  We know 83% of millennials sleep with their cell phone. (Same here.) TIME writes that this sense of community creates a millennial psyche vastly different from their parents.

TIME describes today’s young people as being radically conventional, although we believe they’re missing the differentiation between Traditionals and Cultural Creatives. Their values around gay marriage, global friends, and race relations make them Cultural Creatives.

The article raises an interesting point about religion, saying that the millennials are similar to their grandparents, in that 1 out of 4 has no religious affiliation. They believe in spirituality, pray and display other beliefs from earlier generations. TIME writes that they have not lost faith in God, only that institutions that claim to speak for him. Read on at TIME’s Generation Next.