Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Commits Half of Wealth to Charity

GivingTracker| Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, said in a statement today that he will publicly pledge half his wealth. 

The Wall Street Journal reports this is a change for Mr Allen, who has maintained a low profile on his giving. 

Bill Gates, his wife Melinda Gates and investor Warren Buffett, last month called on billionaires to commit publicly to giving away at least half of their wealth in their lifetimes or at death.

Mr. Allen has given away about $1 billion, including more than 3,000 grants totaling $400 million through his philanthropy, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. He has privately donated $600 million to a range of organizations, including the University of Washington, says WSJ.

Born in Seattle, Mr. Allen’s giving has focused on has focused on the Pacific Northwest. His portfolio includes Seattle’s Experience Music Project, a music museum, and ownership of two professional sports teams == the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. Allen is part owner of the Seattle Sounders professional soccer team. WSJ says Paul Allen is now funding a wildlife conservation project in Africa, as well as an education project.