Mickey Drexler's Madewell Hires Alexa Chung

DesignTracker| American retailer Madewell, a division of J Crew has hired Alexa Chung as its muse and designer inspiration. In an impossibly difficult retail climate, Mickey Drexler had the vision several years ago to develop a new brand around ‘simple, authentic clothes’.

At a time when most American brands were in ‘I am the clothes’ mode, Drexler reaches beyond the authentic style values he tries to incorporate into his J Crew brand, into an even simpler and more downscale concept.

Anne ‘called’ Madewell five minutes after walking in the Las Vegas store in 2007, identifiying it as one of three retail concepts that cut through as ‘new’. Today’s story via Daily Mail

Anne’s prior writing on Chung & Madewell:

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