Michelle Obama Talks the People's Washington | Condé Nast Traveler

In her in-depth interview with Condé Nast Traveler’s May 2010 issue, First Lady Michelle Obama compares her commitment to opening the doors of Washington DC, as well as the White House, to work she and the President did as community organizers back in Chicago. 

Michelle hopes that she has succeeded in making millions more Americans feel that the White House is the ‘go-to’ house in Washington.

One recent visitor, an African-American woman friend of Michelle Obama’s who came to her office in the East Wing, could be speaking for millions when she told Mrs. Obama, “I never thought that I would have this kind of connection to the White House. Here I am, the kid of slaves, and I actually know you—you live here.” “And it just means something different to her,” said Mrs. Obama. “And that’s not true only in the African-American community, it’s true for women, it’s true for Latinos, it’s true for kids in South Africa. We see that as we travel, and that’s all taking shape right here in Washington, D.C.” Read the entire Michelle Obama interview at Traveler.