Michelle Obama Salutes Gifted Kids in El Salvador

RedTracker| America’s First Lady Michelle Obama once again got down with the kids, joining a mural painting project in El Salvador’s capital San Salvador. The program called ‘Superate’ of “Succeed’ in Engligh teaches students, English, computer skills and values at classes inside a nearby clothing factory.

The Daily Mail reports that Mrs. Obama said that both she and her brother Craig had benefitted from similar programs for gifted students.  Always the cheerleader for kids, the First Lady said ‘You are all well ahead of the game. So keep it up.’

The Obamas were at the finish of their Latin American tour which began in Brazil on Saturday. By evening, Michelle was looking dazzling, enjoying a toast at a dinner honoring the President and promoting closer ties between America and Central America.

El Salvador ranked 90 out of 134 countries on the World Economic Forum 2010 Gender Gap Report.The US ranked 19 in 2010, a dramatic improvement driven largely by women appointed to positions by the Obama Administration.

In this small country of a little over 6 million people, the mean age of marriage is 23, compared to 26 in the US.  The fertility rate is almost equal of America’s at 2.3 vs 2.1.  It’s worth noting that El Salvador scores higher than the US in women in its legislature.

In the 2010 survey (based on 2009 data) El Salvador’s parliament was 25% women versus the US Congress at 20%. Women lost seats in the 2010 elections, dropping down to about 17% representation.