Michelle Obama Joins Forces With Walmart for Healthy Food

Images by Cliff Owen / AP ImagesLove to Eat | America’s First Lady Michelle Obama joined Walmart today in the company’s announcement of its five-year plan to make thousands of its packaged foods healthy. The initiative to reduce the unhealthy sals, fats and sugars in Walmart-sold foods and to drop the prices on fruits and vegetables came from discussions with Mrs Obama, who has made healthy eating and reducing childhood obesity a key focus of her agenda.

This is the first time Michelle Obama has aligned herself with a single company. The improvements in reducing the bad stuff will be implemented in Walmart’s house brand Great Value. Walmart has also pledged to press its suppliers for improvements in making food more healthy. Kraft, for example, acknowledges that 16 percent of its global food business comes through Walmart.

Because of its size and power with suppliers, Walmart is acknowledged to have almost as much power (and perhaps more) than federal regulatory agencies.

The Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonprofit organization that works with the first lady on her Let’s Move initiative to reduce childhood obesity, will monitor the company’s progress.

Presently, Walmart is pledging to reduce sodium by 25 percent, eliminate industrially added trans fats and reduce added sugars by 10 percent by 2015. via NYTimes