Michelle Mone | Ultimo Lingerie Roll Body Image Dice

Body | Beauty | Culture Michelle Mone may change the body image debate with her new Ultimo ‘real woman’ campaign. There’s plenty of criticism already, but we believe Michelle Mone is potentially tapping into a zeitgist moment, one in which women are just fed up with anorexic models and the refusal of fashion to advance healthy bodies as a standard of beauty.

We’re talking to many executive women — like Anne —  who have ‘had it’ on this topic and are challenging other established, credentialed women to step up to the plate on behalf of all women on this topic. We’re not anti-glamour or anti-models. We want women who aren’t obese or anorexic. Most of all we want women to love the person in the mirror. Today’s fashion imagery does nothing to help achieve this goal. Read on about Michelle Mone’s new Ultimo lingerie campaign  in Body | Beauty | Culture.