Michael Moore Confronts Dems on Public Option

Michaeel Moore issues warning to Democrats who don’t support public option.HopeTracker| Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore issued a firm, no-nonsense warning to wavering health-reform Democrats to “get on board or prepare to lose your seat”.

issuing what he calls a “personal pledge”, Moore made his comments at the headquarters of government watchdog group Public Citizen. Criticizing Democrats for taking for granted the support of women, unions and low-income workers, Michael Moore says “no more”.

Specifically, Moore left no doubt that he was talkling to Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and an opponent of the so-called public optionand also Sen. Chris Dodd, who supports the public option, but whose role in financial regulation as chairman of the Senate banking committee comes in for criticism in “Capitalism.” via Politico.