Merkel Receives Highest Praise on Environmental Leadership

RedTracker| German newspaper Spiegel Online recaps Angela Merkel’s day in Washington from their perspective.

Merkel’s visit was intended to send a signal. President Barack Obama also made that clear earlier on Tuesday during their meeting in the Oval Office, when he called Merkel “an extraordinary leader on the issue of climate change.”

The applause after Merkel’s comments on climate change was an outstanding endorsement of her initiative on this issue. Clearly Republicans don’t read A of C. When Merkel said that even China and India will be prepared to make concessions on climate change, an audible growl of incredulity arose from the deputies around John Boehner, the Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives.

Let’s hope this appearance of Republicans being uninformed on the willingness of countries like China and India to take action on climate change, is faked and not genuine ignorance of what’s going on in the world. Anne

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