Men Feel Little Guilt | Women Always Feel Guilty

RedTracker| A study in The Spanish Journal of Psychology suggests that men are gult-deficient while women suffer from destructive guilt largely imposed by society.

“This study highlights the need for educational practices and socializing agents to reduce the tendency towards anxious-aggressive guilt in women, and to promote interpersonal sensitivity in men,” write the authors of the study, which was led by Dr. Itziar Extebarria of the Unversity of the Basque Country in Spain. via MSNBC

The study was small — 360 people — divided into three age groups and international. They were then questioned on their feelings in varied situations, one of which was how they would feel if they forgot a dear one’s birthday.

The results didn’t surprise anyone and may be based on biological differences as well as cultural. We’re concerned about women’s persistent feelings of guilt and push back on the patriarchal forces that perpetuate this condition in women. The researchers also wrote that men feel much less empathy.

If men feel little guilt, this might explain why religious authorities — almost all men — have historically believed we are such sinners. This study suggests they should focus on fixing themselves first. We hope a much larger study is pursued around this topic. Anne

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