Married and Serving Together in Afghanistan

Cpls Sheree and Rob Glynn, both 22 years old, together at a base in Kandahar. In October, Rob ahd a near miss in an insurgent attack that killed his squad leader. For an hour, Sheree knew he had been involved, but didn’t know whether he had survived. via Wall Street JournalRedTracker In Love and War, the Wall Street Journal shares details of three miitary married couples in Afghanistan.

The shared experience of purpose, fear and trauma brings each couple closer together, while the constant worry makes them wish they were apart.

Putting couples together has been frowned upon by the military. But now commanders are trying to be more flexible with couples, reflecting their concerns about an increase in divorce rates among military couples of 3.6% last year, compared to 2.6% the year prior to the Sept. 11 attacks. Read Married in the Army and Serving in Afghanistan.