Marilyn Minter's Sexy American Womanly Mindset

Marilyn Minter Rosary 2006ArtTracker| Marilyn Minter explores eroticism in female terms; and we love her for it. Her images tackle the topic of ‘glamour gone awry’, leaving us to hope that Minter devotes a year to creating images inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We have another idea in mind for Marilyn Minter’s artwork, using her images to inspire erotic writing. Anne of Carversville will soon share the details of our 2011 erotic writing project Making Waves | Modern Aphrodites. Marilyn Minter’s images will be one of our first stimulii for writers submitting work in this juried project.

Today we share 32 vibrantly sexual and perhaps decadent examples of Marilyn Minter’s creative mind at work. Read on in Les Artistes.