Marc Jacobs Serpentine Shoes | Witchcraft | Vatican Bank Busted

Sensuality News| For a moment we almost wrote a trite little post about the divine new serpentine shoes in the Spring 2011 Marc Jacobs runway collection.

Yes, we were off balance, sidetracked by a CBS News rebuttal to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell’s erroneous connections of witchcraft and Devil worship.

In truth, we probably don’t help the cause by writing Juicy Bits | Devil Women See Red in Their Future.

It’s Anne’s writing style to always take the slutty words that fundamentalism uses to describe sensual women and disempower them with a firm embrace.

Fighting hypocrisy is one of her main missions, so her eyes widened reading this breaking story on Bloomberg News: Italian Finance Police Seize Vatican Bank Cash as Chief Probed.

Italy’s Finance Police confiscated the funds from an account at Credito Artigiano SpA belonging to the Institute for Works of Religion, as the Vatican Bank is called, Ansa said today. Vatican Bank Chairman Ettore Gotti Tedeschi is being probed by Rome prosecutors for alleged money-laundering, the news agency said. via Bloomberg

As if Pope Benedict doesn’t have enough problems with all his sex abuse cases, now money laundering has entered the papal vision. No wonder his Excellency wants to turn the altar around, so the morality men don’t have to face their congregations.  Frankly, real life — as opposed to handing out divine guidance — is a huge headache.