Male and Female Genetic Parts Found To Be Evolutionary 'Mistake'

GreenTracker| Believe it or not, people are quite a lot like snapdragons, sharing vast amounts of identical DNA. While science and religion duke it out over when and whether god made the world and on what time schedule, researchers at the University of Leeds have traced how a gene mutation over 100 million years ago led flowers to make male and female parts differently.

Woman may have come from Adam’s rib in the Old Testament, but female and male snapdragons evolved differently. The sexes were — say the researchers — a ‘genetic mistake’, in scientific terms, not religious. We know God never makes a mistake.

The findings — published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Online Early Edition — provide a perfect example of how diversity stems from such genetic ‘mistakes’. The research also opens the door to further investigation into how plants make flowers — the origins of the seeds and fruits that we eat. Read on at Science Daily