Malaysia's Minister Calls for Quick International Conference on Caning Muslim Women

Beyond the Veil| We are pleased to learn that Malaysian Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has called for an international conference among Muslim nations to discuss whether caning women is the norm for muslim women under Shariah law.

She said the ministry will organize the conference through the Secretariat for the Defence and Empowerment of Women, adding that Ulamas and NGOs would also have their forums at the conference. The call for the conference comes after the caning of three women for engaging in premarital sex. via OneIndia News

Sisters of Islam has led the global protest against increased caning of women and specifically in Malaysia. See update on caning sentence of Kartika.

Especially in view of the beliefs of many Muslim women that the caning is repressive and not demanded by Shariah laws, we are proceeding with opposing the Ladies Professoinal Golf Association playing in Malaysia in Oct. 2010.

At a time when the LPGA is focused on new sponsorships like KIA, ‘Western’ image organizations like women’s golf should not support the caning of Muslim women in any country, especially when Muslim nations and diverse numbers of Muslim women oppose the punishment.

3 Women Caned in Malaysia As LPGA Schedules Ladies Golf Tournament