Making School A Hotbed of Entrepreneurial Education

HopeTracker| This weekend’s WSJ essay argues: forget art history and calculus, ‘How to Get a Real Education’. Scott Adams ignores the reality that children who are exposed to art classes do much better overall in their lives and careers.

David Brooks agrees with this fact in his new book ‘The Social Animal’. We assume that the Republicans want to defund the National Endowment of Arts, which exists as a bullseye for Conservatives and culture warriors.

In spite of author Scott Adams’ myopic dismissal of the arts as education that’s irrelevant for real life, his essay on entrepreneurialism in school is an excellent read. Yes, he does put the dorm janitor out of a job by showing how students can take care of their own residences, earning money and critical hands-on experience in ‘running things’.

Reality is that these kinds of student-run enterprises provide great experience and encouragement of out-of-the-box thinking at a time when America desperately needs to cultivate innovation, new ideas and the spirit of entrepreneurialism. How to Get a Real Education at College is worth the read.