Major Sexism Charges Levied Against American College of Surgeons

RedTracker| We’ve responded with an extensive comment to the NYTimes article Sexism Charges Divide Surgeons’ Group, focused on a controversy ‘that has divided the largest professional organization of surgeons in the country and raised questions about the current leadership and its attitudes toward women and gay and lesbian member.’

The editorial, written by Dr. Lazar J. Greenfield, an emeritus professor of surgery at the University of Michigan School of Medicine and president-elect of the American College of Surgeons, extols the mood-enhancing effects of semen on women. It begins with a reference to the mating behaviors of fruit flies, then goes on to discuss studies on the menstrual cycles of heterosexual and lesbian women who live together. Citing the research of evolutionary psychologists at the State University of New York, it describes how female college students who had been exposed to semen were less depressed than their peers who had not, concluding: “So there’s a deeper bond between men and women than St. Valentine would have suspected, and now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolates.”

Dr. Greenfield has been relieved of his duties as editor of the organization’s newspaper and his anticipated rise to presidency of the organization is in limbo. Anne

This is my comment:

We report on human sexuality extensively on our website and are adamant feminists. One look and you know that we don’t mess around with women’s rights. Most recently, we revisited the MIT updated research on gender discrimination, and have written almost every day in support of Planned Parenthood and the Republican War on Women.

However, we have also referenced the same SUNY research in an article about the health benefits of sex. Time out! We are speaking about doctors and scientists here, critical thinkers.…

Dr. Colleen Brophy says “I’ve gone back and reviewed the science, and it’s erroneous. But I’m resigning from the College not so much because of the editorial but because of the leadership’s response to it.”

I just Googled and Psychology Today online published the research in an updated research analysis of heterosexual and lesbian women on Jan.31. That article references a Scientific American article. Dr. Brophy should explain what is faulty about the science because we have a lot of respected names involved in this action.…

Granted, writing the piece was not good thinking when women are under attack in America, but would someone explain what is faulty in the science about the semen? NYT — you must clarify the science, because the Conservatives will make mince meat of women, if the science is correct. We can’t have a Galileo effect when the subject is science, and I know that plenty of men scientists have produced crap research about women.

You must clarify that the science is actually wrong or this entire episode will work against women’s rights.