Madonna Travels to Petra in Cloak of Darkness

Madonna in brief visit to Jordan’s Petra, arranged by Queen RaniaTwo philanthro-activists crossed paths today, with Queen Rania arranging for Madonna to copter into Petra.

I must say that it was a quick trip, with Madonna traveling in darkness, escorted by Jordanian security and an armed bodyguard during her brief tour. AP reports that it lasted 15 minutes.

Madonna is wrapping up her tour in Israel, after a meeting with Netanyahu. See Madonna in Israel Will Meet with Netanyahu & Dines with Tzipi Livni.

Petra, JordanFor information on Petra, we share this video and also a website at Brown University The Petra Great Temple. Brown University professor emerita Nartha Sharp Joukowsky is presently directing the archaeological excavations of the Great Temple at Petra, Jordan.

Petra (Jordan)