Madonna, Luz & Rabbi Berg Strategize Good Works in Rio

Madonna is back in her philanthropy world, this time in Brazil with her lover Jesus Luz, to discuss a variety of social projects.

Madonna and Jesus LuzThe Kabbalah Centre’s Rabbi Michael Berg, her partner in the Raising Malawi project, and who also will co-produce a documentary to be filmed in Rio about children and youths that overcome poverty through music and dance, is said to be traveling with Madonna.

Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral said the pop star is looking for ways to lend her help by visiting some of Rio’s worse slums. 

“She will get to know some social projects; she is enchanted with Rio and wants to help,” Cabral said. The beachside city has about 1,000 slums, many of them controlled by violent drug gangs or other armed groups. via Reuters

Cabral told the O Estado de S Paulo newspaper yesterday that he will meet with Madonna along with Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista to talk about possible partnerships. The singer is expected to visit several poor communities.

As for all the Internet reports that Madonna will be meeting Jesus Luz’s mother,  the global philanthropist says ‘nada’.