Madeline Kolab | Palestine's Only Female Fisherwoman

Beyond the Veil| Sixteen-year-old Madeline Kolab is a fisherwoman in Palestine, a country where customs and the governing Islamist group Hamas says that only men are fisherman.

Madeline shrugs. “I don’t care about what people say. I only care about feeding my family,” she says. The fish and crabs she catches are too small to sell. Instead, her family eats whatever she catches. Her father, a veteran fisherman, became disabled, so she quit school after ninth grade to take over the job.

A nearby fisherman says that he’s be ashamed if his daughter went fishing. Could this become grounds for an honor killing? Obviously Madeline’s father approves, but what about other male members of her family? The press reports that Kolab is ‘making waves’. Let’s pray they are only good ones carrying lots of fish for her family. via CSM