'Made in Dagenham' | Supporting Worldwide Equal Pay for Women

RedTracker| Some movies deserve an audience. “Made in Dagenham” is coming to America and the rest of the world, with superlative reviews.

Let’s get behind this movie around the world.

Feminism in America needs a refresher course. We doubt that American women would have expressed such moxie and willingness to confront patriarchal values as the Dagenham ladies.

Marches are great. Strikes are another issue entirely, especially without a significant union fund.

Women in developing countries are facing these labor issues today, with America losing so much of our manufacturing to them. And as consumers of products made by these women, their labor conditions IS our issue, too.  Consumption is a matter of conscience.

Made in Dagenham Trailer

The Sony website for the “Made in Degenham” has a lot of information.