Lubna Hussein's Two Arrest Mates Sentenced to 20 Lashes and Fines of 250 Sudanese Pounds

Lubna Hussein was in the courtroom in Khartoum this morning, when the other two women arrested with her last July and pleaded innocent were found guilty of public indecency and ined to 20 lashes each and a fine of 250 Sudanese pounds.

Judge Hassan Mohammed Ali told members in attendance and the court record: “The two women wore trousers and no headscarf. The court therefore finds them guilty according the public order laws.”

“We were 13 women, arrested at the same place. Ten were sentenced at the police station and whipped on the spot. But I was sentenced by the north Khartoum court and I was not sentenced to lashings.

“Today the east Khartoum court condemned the two women to lashings,” she said. “In my case, there were several diplomats at the hearing, but today there were none,” she said.