Love | Peace: Jack Tager's Holocaust Paintings

ArtTracker| Only I could manage to move from peace in Israel to the Congressional men’s showers, with a stop at Eric Massa’s publicly-discussed sexuality, the go looking for a photo on page 1 Google search for ‘men’s showers’, and find the JacK Tager - Holocaust paintings. Art and the Jewish Experience: 1930s and 1940s. I believe this is the Six Degrees of Separation effect in action.

I’ve placed the photo in its own post, out of respect, and will write about Jack Tager in Love|Peace.

Jack Tager | Holocaust PaintingsThe reality of the Holocaust is always with me, no matter how upset I am with Israeli politics.

My own involvement with concentration camp survivors goes back to my earliest days of my life in New York, when I managed many of them at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Those women and other women refugees — including a Russian princess — became my real mothers. Anne