Louise Richardson | Terrorism Expert Pursuing Global Peace

RedTracker| Louise Richardson is a political scientist, born in Ireland, now the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of St Andrews in Scotland, the third oldest university in the world.  Richardson came to Harvard in 1981 as a graduate student and received her Ph.D. in 1989. She was awarded the Sumner Prize for the best doctoral dissertation “dealing with any means or measures tending towards the prevention of war and the establishment of universal peace.” . (via Wiki.)

In July 2001, Richardson ecame the executive dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. A specialist in understanding terrorist movements, Louise Richardson won the Levenson Prize, awarded by the undergraduate student body to the best teachers at the University. She is the author of What Terrorists Want.

Louise Richardson is interviewed about her views of American education and speaking out in academia by WSJ Magazine: Louise Richardson: Ahead of the Class.