London Uncovered | Buckingham Palace Undressed

Anne here. I will write shortly that I am now friends with the Carrie Leigh team and truly support this magazine. When I bought the debut issue of Carrie Leight’s magazine a couple years ago, I knew she was presenting female sensuality in a dramatically more sophisticated and female-centric way.

I’m pleased to be interviewed about feminism and sensuality in an upcoming issue. That’s the future. How about today — the here and now?

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for the Brits, and our traffic stats are showing the love goes both ways.

I particularly adore Queen Elizabeth and have written about her multiple times — albeit frequently as Helen Mirren.

Carrie Leigh’s Magazine takes us to Buckingham Palace with their Spring 2010 issue. With one of the last global institutions we can count on — Queen Elizabeth —  in residence, the Carrie Leigh team infused Buckingham Palace and London at large with their sensual, photographic magic.

From my friends the Publisher:

Anchored by the fashion nudes of Carrie Leigh, one of the world’s top female photographers and one of the three top female publishers, the you-won’t-see-this-anywhere-else Spring issue of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE magazine includes a once in a lifetime shot of a nude in front of Buckingham Palace.  Photographer Jan Murphy took this shot while the Queen’s flag was flying (for those who are not British, this means the monarch was home).  Ms. Murphy then took her work even further, using other iconic London landmarks as backdrops to her NUDE exhibit.

Also featured in this issue is Gavin O’Neill, London-based fashion and beauty photographer, and renowned painter Antoine de Villiers.  And French photographer François Benveniste and French fashion model Datura Noir flew to New York City to shoot “New York After Dark.”

According to Paper Magazine, France, “Carrie Leigh’s NUDE is quality:  superb paper and gallery quality print, the care in the layout, informed and well-argued text, it is 96 rich pages.  It arrives in a paper envelope in bubble wrap so it is not bent or damaged in mailing.  You really have the impression you have received a book.”

NUDE is the only plate printed, sheet fed art quarterly.  Preview and pre order the Spring issue at  A special rate continues through May 21 for this issue to be sent to your door, anywhere in the world.