London Times | Why French Women Don't Age

Beauty| Body| Sexy Today’s London Times shares a fact I know well: there’s no better place in the world to be an aging woman than France, a country that celebrates older women, and their sexual vitality.

A 2004 survey by France’s regional health observatory found that just 15 per cent of French women in their fifties and 27 per cent of women in their sixties said that they hadn’t had sex in the previous 12 months. By contrast, a recent British survey showed that 34 per cent of Britons in their fifties and 54 per cent in their sixties hadn’t. The figures were similar in the US. Does anything speak more volubly about la différence between our two cultures?

With such a fertile lift off, it’s time for me to visit the city that housed me for months of my life and launched me into an undeniably vibrant state of womanhood. Endless research supports the argument that for French women, positive cultural image=successful aging=positive sexuality.

Until my fingers hit the keyboard, read ‘Why French women don’t get old’ via London Times. Anne