Like Humans, Animals Have A Long History of Getting High

via fanpop.comGreenTracker| Apparently animals, too, like getting stoned. No, no, not stoned to death in Iran, but happy, trippy stoned. Just playing-around stoned. In a fascinating article Psychology Today blogger Steven Kotler reviews the literature on animals and their relationship with psychedelics.

Toad-tripping dogs are just the beginning. Apparently, bees get stoned on orchid nectar and goats gobble up magic mushrooms.

So prevalent is this behavior that researchers now believe, as UCLA psychopharmacologist Ronald Siegel wrote in his 1989 Intoxication: The Universal Drive For Mind Altering Substances: “the pursuit of intoxication with drugs is a primary motivational force in the behavior of organisms.”

This fascinating read eventually returns to people and the three stages of hallucinogenic ‘trips’. We will pick up this article in a different context. For now read on at Psychology Today: Animals on Psychedelics: Survival of the Trippiest.