Liberal Hollywood Excels At Making Conservative Movies

ArtTracker| Conservative talk radio loves to blast Hollywood as a bastion of liberals that borders on being unAmerican. During the McCarthy era — which we may be entering again — the artists of Hollywood were under full attack as a bunch of communists.

LA Times writers Patrick Goldstein and James Rainey’s column The Big Picture share an excellent essay about why Hollywood makes countless Conservatives values films like last night’s big winner ‘The King’s Speech” and ‘The Social Network’.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg “who for all his new media hip veneer is just as much of a cunning, ambitious, thoroughly cold-blooded entrepreneur as — gasp — Rupert Murdoch” is hardly an anti-American liberal.

Hollywood liberals are dedicated to making good art, says The Big Picture.

If you study Oscar history, you see liberal Hollywood has often rewarded films promoting conservative values. That pattern dates at least as far back as 1971, during the height of the Vietnam War, when “Patton,” a stirring salute to World War II’s most indomitable military man, not only won best picture, but beat out “MASH,” a defiantly antiwar comedy. The same thing happened in 1979, when “The Deer Hunter,” an evocative portrait of blue-collar steelworkers sent off to fend for themselves in Vietnam won best picture over the openly antiwar “Coming Home,” which costarred antiwar activists Jon Voight and Jane Fonda.

Both liberals and conservatives love ‘The King’s Speech’ because it is “a fable of egalitarianism” between a king and a commoner. We like those films in America.