Let's Move | Green Biking Brings Big Brain Benefits

RoseTracker| Anne is determined to hit the streets of Philadelphia in a ‘green’ bike. Gone is her BMW; hello car-sharing. Committed to living the Green Beings and Sensual and Superyoung research she writes about — lest she become a total, literary hypocrite — Anne shares new details about the 2011 Edwin Town Bike.

Readers will be learning about the health and community benefits of ‘active travel’, good for body and soul, Mother Nature and a great way of supporting First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign. Today we share new research about biking, brisk walking and dementia. Learn also of the strong global obesity correlations between nations who bike and those who don’t. Low biking (or brisk walking) = big obesity problem.

Read also how kids who get no exercise suffer from reduced brain matter and less cognitive functioning: Active Travel Body Love | Green Biking Brings Big Brain Benefits.

Physically Unfit Kids Score Lower on Brain Development Tests