Leila Ghannam, aka Leila Ghanem, New Governor of Ramallah

Love| Peace In a little noticed news bullet, Leila Ghannam (Ghanem), 35, who has a doctorate in psychoogy but rose to be a captain in the Palestinian intelligence service, has become the first woman to be appointed governor of Ramallah, the unofficial capital of the West Bank.

Ghannam (Ghanem), who wears a hijab (headscarf) and comes from a religious family, is charged by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas with insuring that Hammas doesn’t seize power on the West Bank, as they did in Gaza.

“Any attempt to mount an uprising by Hamas, any slightly illegal act will be met with an iron fist,” she said at her modest fifth floor office overlooking Ramallah. As governor she is in command of all the armed forces in the region. Read on Leila Ghannam is first woman appointed to govern Ramallah London Times

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