Lawyer for Detained Missionaries in Haiti Accused of Sex Trafficking

The newest lawyer representing the 10 American missionaries still in a Haitian jail, but on the verge of being released with instructions to stay in Haiti, is the target of a sex-trafficking inquiry launched by officials in El Salvador.

The lawyer Jorge Puello, says it’s a case of mistaken identity. Officials in El Salvador and Haiti have compared photos, saying it looks like the same man. Other irregularities are already emerging in the case. Puello denies that the families wired him $12,000 and that he asked for another $36,000.

We speculate that an international transfer of money in this case allows the US to enter the investigation. The Haitian judge has already requested help from the Dept of Homeland Security. The NYTimes has done a stunning job of reporting here. The Idaho Statesman has picked up the story, too. Read on Lawyer to Missionaries Held in Haiti Under Investigation As Leader of Sex Trafficking Ring.