Laura Silsby | Philanthropist or Smart Woman in a Bad Economy?

Laura Silsby led the group of 10 missionaries into Haiti to help orphans.Laura Silsby is the ‘brains’ and vision behind the group of 10 Baptist missionaries arrested after trying to attempt to leave Haiti with 33 children. She is reported as saying that conversations between her group and government officials are ‘going well’.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive described the missionaries as “kidnappers” who had known “what they were doing was wrong”.

Missionaries in Haiti doing God’s work are not new to the country. Who is Laura Silsby and just where does God fit in to the mission in Haiti? More important, the specifics of Laura Silsby’s finances are unfolding. Is she the world’s best example of Christian philanthopy in action, or is she a desperate scam artist, trying to make a salary for herself?

As Idaho digs deep into Laura Silsby’s finances, we connect the dots in Global Futures: Laura Silsby | the Art of Doing God’s Work in Haiti.