Larry Rivers Legs Sculpture Stirs Up Major Dust in Sag Harbor

ArtTracker| The 16 feet, 1 inch pair of legs standing next to the Sag Harbor home of art dealers didn’t belong to just anybody. The fact that the legs sprang from the minds eye of artist Larry Rivers, who died in 2002, and grace a former Baptist Church is just a bit of local irony.

The gams sculpture has created a local debate in a generally open-minded, East End community about what is art. (Not that question!) The legs have been found to be in violation of local building and zoning codes by 18 public officials in the town.

A similar art sculpture was originally produced for a shopping mall but were reclaimed by the artist and placed near his Southampton home. Then a second pair of long-legs were produced and it’s those beauties that made their way to Sag Harbor, owned by the current resident Janet Lehr and her partner Vered.

The dispute may be about more than the legs. Larry Rivers, a member of the Jackson Pollock, Fairfield Porter, and Willem de Kooning gang, filmed his young daughters nude over a period of several years. This summer one of Mr Rivers’s daughters asked that the films not be included in her father’s archives. via WSJ