Land Owners and Developers Take On Obama Administration's Park Plans

GreenTracker| Thomas Chapman is not a supporter of the Obama Administration’s ‘Great Outdoors Initiative’ aimed at protecting America’s most scenic spots.

A bill that will set aside $900 million a year for federal government land purchases, up from $143 million in 2007 under the Bush Administration, has passed the House and is pending in the Senate.

Congresspersons from seven states have introduced bills to limit the president’s powers in buying up lands. Presently, the federal government owns almost one-third of American soil.

The American Land Rights Association, a group that claims 20,000 members, has been sending out emails urging landowners to stand up to “Obama and his land grab crowd.”

We’re lost in the layers of complexity involved in land negotiations among business people like Mr. Chapman, environmentalists and the federal government. The Wall Street Journal sheds light on the issues in ‘Buzzard of the Backcountry’ Challenges Obama’s Parks Initiative.