Lady In Red | Do Clothes Define Sotomayor?

In a Washington Post style piece, Robin Givhan discusses nominated Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor’s wardrobe in last week’s hearings. Robin asserts that the fashion industry (and I) promote the argument that women can feel confident flaunting their femininity in the boardroom, as well as on Capital Hill.

Givhan argues that Sotomayor rejected this path, in her wardrobe.

I wish Robin would have shared photos of what Sotomayor could have worn, but didn’t. I must say that I don’t see her in a sleeveless sheath, Michelle-Style most days.

The Smart part of Smart Sensuality implies that an intelligent woman knows what to wear ‘when’. Listening to Sotomayor, I found her to be every ounce the Smart Sensuality woman.

As Robin writes, Sotomayor shunned any accessories that might ‘give her away’. Wisely, Sotomayor didn’t look too androgynous.

When her vibrant and sensual colors combined with her wit and savoir faire, she looked every ounce the intelligent Smart Sensuality woman. The Princeton grad was navigating her way through a Conservative Southern challenge to her nomination, one just waiting to trip her up.

Sotomayor’s Princeton background talk her to keep her eye on the ball, when dealing with these guys. She did so, swimmingly, in my playbook. A