Kseniya Simonova's Inner Artist Makes War


ArtTracker| I’m challenging our friend Dave Head to think beyond saving dolphins in his contribution to Anne of Carversville.

Dave delivered in spades with this video of Ukraine’s Kseniya Simonova, winner of their version of “Who’s Got Talent”

Kseniya brings her audience to tears (and me, too) constructing a multi-media, sand animation that portrays life during the USSR’s Great Patriotic War against the Third Reich in WW2. Kseniya Simonova started drawing with sand after her business collapsed in the global credit crunch and was drawing for less than a year when she entered the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” competition.

Simonova’s art moves me greatly, because of the female-centric principles at play. It doesn’t surprise me that Dave would choose a video like this one for A of C, given his principles pursuit of saving centaceans, in particular his good friend Moko.

Kseniya Simonova’s Amazing Sand Drawing Video