Kirchner's Woes| Pouty Lips, Oil and Rising Inflation

GlobeTracker| In fact I was researching Botox, when I ran into Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, featured in a Telegraph UK story The Botox Evita seeks a new lift.

In another example of six-degrees of separation, I just posted about permanent unemployment in America, asking if we’re destined to now become more like a rich class/poor class Latin American country than we ever want to admit.

Botox was a move away from serious politics, but the Google word search took me straight into economic crisis again. I won’t do a Jezebel and scream about The Telegraph’s devoting at least a third of an article about a serious economic crisis in Argentina to the physicality of President Kirchner.

Some styles may never change in journalism. Women leaders are pouty lips first, and presidents second — unless you’re Margaret Thatcher. I don’t recall anyone writing about her relationship with Botox and definitely no pouty lips.

It does seem that President Kirchner has a mess on her hands, and we can debate how guilty she is in creating it. Read on: The Botox Evita seeks a new lift Telegraph UK; Argentina Confronts Soaring Inflation WSJ

The really big topic is oil. Perhaps a lot of it, as Brits explore for black gold in the Falklands. Argentina rules out military action in Falklands Washington Post