Killing Our Kids, One Tater Tot At A Time

America,” the country that can do anything”, is struggling to feed 30 million schoolchildren in its care. The situation may well get worse, as national and local level budgets are struggling to balance the books.

Newsweek reports that school lunch programs now total $9.3 billion in federal funding, or about $2.68 for each child (presumably per school day). Child-nutrition advocates estimate that about $1 actually goes for food.

Whole Foods funded The Lunch Box website for America’s schoolsIn August, Whole Foods launched a fundraising campaign to reform the country’s school lunch programs and has so far raised more than $440,000 that will support an online effort to help school districts create healthy and affordable meal options. According to the supermarket chain’s chief operating officer Walter Robb, some of that money will also help raise awareness about the Child Nutrition Act (CAN).

The Child Nutrition Act is set to expire at the end of the month, and Congress has not reauthorized the program.

Why We Do What We Do

Ann Cooper, a chef and author, and also the former director of nutrition services for California’s Berkley Unified School District, created, funded by Whole Foods. The site’s mission is “to help your community transition step by step to a school program that will improve the health and well-being of our children.” ( Please note the current Newsweek link is incorrect. It goes to, not the

Cooper’s YouTube video reinforces the well-known, but still ignored fact that for children born in the year 2000, one-third of Caucasions and one-thirds of Blacks and Latinos will face diabetes in their lifetimes.

Note also, the new science affirming that with overweight and obesity, the brain shrinks in size, attacking our critical thinking abilities. Read:

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