Just How Big Is the Man-Cave Guy Condom Market?

supersize condomsBody|Beauty| Culture Lifestyle brand has introduced two new condoms Kyng and Thyn. Lifestyles is asking the question: how many biggie-size condom wearers are there out there. Magnum currently has almost 19 percent of the condom market.

While some university health centers report problems with condoms lost ‘in there’, Planned Parenthood says they know of know national epidemic in condom slippage, caused by men choosing the wrong size. Let us hope that this women aren’t now faced with the unenviable choice of having to say “gee, sweetie, I don’t think so.”

The numbers sold of biggie-size condoms will be a fascinating look into our growing obsession with large … members …  of the condom-wearing community. more in Sensuality News