'Just Do Marha' | Marine T-shirts Spread Advance Warning of Coming Operation

Love | Peace The Economist opens a story about NATO’s new British-led offensive in Afghanistan with a sartorial message. Conscious of not wanting civilian casualties, the US Marines in Helmand, Afghanistan’s bloodiest provice, have worn T-shirts proclaiming their intention: ‘Just do Marja’.

Since NATO started its old-fashioned, non-Internet publicity drive, thousands of civilians have left their homes for nearby cities and an overcrowded refugee camp near Lashkar Gah. Others say they’ve been prevented from leaving by the Taliban, who intend to defend their territory, seeding the roads with explosives.

The military operation, ‘billed as an important test and advertisement for the counter-insurgency strategy of Stanley McChrystal, the American and NATO commander in Afghanistan’ is now in its second day, with no major surprises reported by major media.

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