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We post two editorials with women expressing female-centric values, as 21st century leaders in a movement to honor nature. The trend to make women muses is a major one that expresses itself in leading-edge magazines like The Block; in the new ad campaign for a small New York-based lingerie brand The Lake & Stars and also in the digital artwork of MichaelO.

Based on our reading of a new book “America’s Four Gods: What we Say About God — & What That Says About Us”, we understand that these editorial images may well be more embraced by American men than American women. Surprised? We were.

About half of Americans believe that God is genderless and doesn’t have a manly shape or visual image. When you break down the answers by gender, a sexual chasm appears. About 65% of men embrace a more nebulous vision of God and one more open to female leadership. Only 35% of American women do.

This new book wasn’t written by liberals or socialists, as some might charge. Author Paul Froese is a fellow of the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion. Co-author Christopher Bader is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Baylor University and associate director of the Association of Religio Data Archives. Read more about their findings in Women’s Lives.

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