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Katrin Thormann & Kristy Kaurova | Alexi Lubomirski |’ Pure Schönheit’ | Vogue Germany February 2011 AOC Living

DolceTracker| The theme of slow living, anchored in serenity, a pure sensuality, prioritizing the rich art of simplicity, friendship and ties to humanity,  and a reduced demand for material goods is called out for a second time this week.

These three editorials — two European and one Japan — address fundamental ideas in the slow living movement. There is a sense of austerity grounded in these images, but also a sensual lushness that reminds us of the authentic pleasures awaiting us in the bite of a juicy apple or a walk in the woods.

Many slow living enthusiasts embrace technology as advancing these values. But living always in the fast lane, the notion of going faster, faster is rejected among proponents of slow living.

Every happiness study conducted in most countries of the world (less so in America) reminds us that material goods don’t buy happiness. These fashion editorials address Cultural Creatives lifestyle themes in their pure form, selling luxury that is attached to human values and living in touch with our senses.

They are not Smart Sensuality editorials per se, which Anne classifies as less austere in attitude and more overtly body aware dressing. The last editorial by Siren Lauvdal for Personae is a Smart Sensuality editorial.

Tyson Ballou | Alexi Lubomirski | GQ Japan January 2011 | Herbivore Man AOC Living


Michelle McCallum | Zoltan Tombor | Vivre Slow | Slow Living Grazia Italy Style AOC Living

Polina Barbasova | Siren Lauvdal | Personae Summer 2011 | ‘Nordland summer’s eternal daysAOC Private Studio

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