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Pirelli Defines Sensuality & Fashion Bodies | Arthur Elgort | Karl Lagerfeld AOC Sexual Politics

RedTracker| Anne stumbled into writing a new feminist essay on sensuality and the female body, after discovering American photographer Arthur Elgort’s images for the 1990 Pirelli Calendar. Like Karl Lagerfeld, photographer of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar, Elgort was inspired by classical Greece.

Elgort’s women were in motion and athletic, compared to Lagerfeld’s preference for a more de-sensualized, aesthetically pleasing ballerina body. Quoting current commentary about ‘Black Swan’ and the determination of ballet dancers to dominate their physicality, Anne discovered ‘Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet’, currently a top read at Amazon.

Author Jennifer Homans explores ballet’s relationship to female visions of beauty and the psychology of a fundamental human desire to triumph over our physicality through self-discipline and suffering.