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We revisit a very important editorial for Anne of Carversville, discussing it along with yesterday’s NOWNESS posting Eniko Gets Her Rocks On.

NOWNESS visitors had a new message at the front door yesterday:

None of the Eniko images, lensed by Sebastian Faena, are suitable for posting here. The LV NOWNESS luxury jewelry editorial is beautiful, elegant New Eroticism almost beyond our expectations. Does this mean we’re going soft again? Based on a couple Internet stops this morning, we have updating to do, as New Eroticism sweeps the globe.

The Pope will not be happy, giving the Vatican’s new anti-secularization office plenty to work on. We doubt that even Rome can stem the sensual tide.

Just last evening we posted a sophisticated but directly sensual fashion editorial about nuns. It came not from Paris but Turkey — which was also the source of the original Louis Vuitton Koray Birand editorial.

We’re studying this trend very carefully. The images are not sensual enough for Private Studio and belong in Living. Yet they are political, in their fashion and sensuality imagery.

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