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Private Studio | Honestly, we thought we were living through Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’ yesterday. Perhaps the heavens were sending us a message, one that began with Mario Sorrenti’s ‘Le Diabla du Corps’ from Vogue Paris, May 2003.

It’s as if the smart side of fashion — and there is one and it’s growing, even in America — is pulling out all the stops in confronting this question of female sexuality and the body. AOC is a broad-based content website focused on the totality of female sensuality and women’s lives.

Even the political aspect of ‘woman as devil’ came crashing through our digital door yesterday, when Anne was contacted by the people she worked with on the Lubna Hussein case. Dropping everything, she responded to this torturous video, featuring the most intense confrontation with Sudan’s morality police flogging one of the 40,000 women who are picked up on the streets of Khartoum every year for the fit of their pants.

We are convinced that a serious dialogue has begun around women’s ‘animalistic nature’ — good and bad — even though Anne has tracked the topic for almost a decade. Ever since the release of Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ and the poor ratings and lackluster Internet interest in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (done in by Rudolph), our sense is that a major shift is declaring itself around female sexuality. 

Feathers are coming but not those worn by Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Out of nowhere, David Roemer’s ‘Public Image’ editorial visually wrestling with the good girl-bad girl image became a top read. Stay tuned.

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