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Red Hot 2 | Angel to Devil | Taryn Andreatta | Akiss Paraskevopoulos

Red has always been a color of passion, and we love these new photos of Taryn Andreatta, imaged by Akiss Paraskevopoulos. Last week we saw Taryn as angel; this week she’s explores her devilish side.

Karen Elson sums up fashion’s Smart Sensuality moment in two words: “Red Hot”

Karen Elson | Alexi Lubomirski | Harper’s Bazaar UK | October 2010

Just wait one moment. A woman has many sides to her personality in today’s technicolor world. Marion Cotillard hardly appears green with envy in this Mert & Marcus shoot for Vogue Paris September 2010.

Our first attempt to take female superheroes mainstream was thwarted by “Sex and the City” girl shoppers. Now that we all agree the world’s a mess, and women must lead the way in fixing it, you’ll be seeing a new global woman in town … more independent and less fragile than Carrie Bradshaw. European women will lead the way forward, being far more advanced than American women in achieving their rights.

While moderate and liberal American women fight off mama grizzlies, the more liberated European women will fight to save us all from ourselves.

Marion Cotillard | Mert & Marcus | Vogue Paris September 2010