Juicy Bits | 'Love Land Invaders' | 'Aphrodite in Love' | Taryn Andreatta

Luxurious Pop | ‘Love Land Invaders’ | Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace

The world of luxury commonly encourages the exploration of sensual desire. As Japan’s love hotels have gone upscale, in response to the design tastes of young Japanese working women, visual stimulations and real-life sexual experiences are redefined. We explore these changes via the ‘Love Land Invaders’ project in Les Artistes.

Anne of Carversville is personally committed to the sensual explorations of model Taryn Andreatta, who has revealed a thought-provoking tableau of womanly images from angelic to devilish and now mystical in the past few weeks.

Aphrodite in Love: Taryn Andreatta | Meghan Savage | Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt