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Lara Stone | Mert & Marcus | The Chronicles of Lara | Interview Mag

Ladies in red have a certain cachet, when the subject is power, passion and a color that men love. The monumental Lara Stone is such a larger-than-life, high-priestess woman, lensed again by Mert & Marcus for Interview magazine in The Chronicles of Lara.

In this bold red woman statement, Lara Stone doesn’t keep her clothes on, but the Fall 2010 Lookbooks from Italy’s Christies brand and younger-woman Naory brand lingerie prove that a woman can be saucy and respectable, no matter what Conservatives say.

Christies Lingerie Italian Seduction | Fall 2010 Look Book

It’s the Italian approach to separation of church and state.

Naory Lingerie | Fall 2010 | Anne of Carversville